Prescott Green Builders | Green Homes = Comfort, Durability, Energy & Resource Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality

Construction Details

Prescott Green Builders constructs green custom homes to be comfortable, durable, energy efficient, resource efficient and to have good indoor air quality. The details that lead up to and go through the crafting of a unique custom home are fully described in this section.

Processes Leading to Construction

Some homeowners may be unfamiliar with the process that leads to a remodeled or newly constructed home. Prescott Green Builders wants homeowners to become familiar and, therefore, more comfortable with the entire process that typically includes the following steps:

  • Selecting a Building Lot
  • Working with a Designer, Architect, or Draftsman
  • Selecting Construction Materials
  • Construction Permit Applications (County or City)
  • Cost Quotes
  • Construction Contract

This document describes the Prescott Green Builders approach to each of these steps in more detail.

"Behind-the-Walls" Illustrated

Prescott Green Builders takes great pride in helping our clients understand the construction details that go into crafting a green custom home. Select from the variety of links in the left panel “Details Gallery” to view albums with categorized and captioned photos of techniques used by Prescott Green Builders to build green, energy-efficient custom homes in the Prescott area.

"The Path to Performance"

... postings from a 2016 ENERGY STAR home under construction

In August 2016, Prescott Green Builders began construction of a Chino Valley custom home that is intended (at a minimum) to qualify as an Energy Star home. To provide prospective clients with insight into the process of constructing a high-performance home, a periodic series of postings (see links below) will provide a case-history example using photos and descriptive text of the home as it comes out of the ground and progresses through completion.