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Prescott Green Builders' Services

Prescott Green Builders is a Prescott AZ licensed residential contractor specializing in building green custom homes to high-performance standards. Our services extend to tiny homes, complete home remodeling and room additions, kitchen or bath remodels, decks, historic restorations, and consulting.

There are many new home construction and remodeling contractors who claim to construct “quality” homes, but in reality there are few who truly understand how and why a house must be “built as a system” to achieve the highest levels of performance in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, and resource efficiency. Prescott Green Builders is one of the few green builders in the Prescott area who have the ability to construct a “house that works”.

New Residential Construction

Prescott Green Builders is sensitive to a potential client’s needs and desires when it comes to investing in a custom home project. Whether that home includes all or a portion of the green-building elements or a convenience such as an elevator between levels, we are able to accommodate the client. However, in situations where budget constraints conflict with home designs, we also offer the client our construction expertise in presenting reasonable home-design or construction-material alternatives to create a balance.

Selecting a Level of Home Performance

As a starting point in discussing home design and construction costs, Prescott Green Builders uses a tiered system to assist potential clients in defining the features (and benefits) that might be included in a home. These tiers are based on several national home-performance certification programs that define graduated levels of green building e.g., energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and elements. Need assistance with Green Building concepts and terms?... check out the Green Builder 2012 Homeowner's Handbook!

  • Tier 1 Home: Energy efficiency on a budget, but 30% more energy efficient than the “Existing ‘Typical’ Home”
  • Tier 2 Home: 15% more energy efficient than a Tier 1 home plus indoor air quality features
  • Tier 3 Home: 30% more energy efficient than a Tier 1 home
  • Tier 4 Home: Even higher levels of energy efficient and indoor air quality

These tiers are intended only for guidance in home-performance features and do not represent unbending rules. Upon deciding on the design and features to be included in the home, a detailed cost estimate is prepared based on the final plans and specifications, and this dollar amount used in the contracting document. The detailed cost estimate is prepared on a fee basis which is applied toward to construction cost if Prescott Green Builders is selected as the general contractor.

Tier 5 Home: Achieving “Zero Net Energy”

Prescott Green Builders has the experience and is ready to build your “Zero Net Energy” home i.e., a 21st century home which generates as much electrical power as it consumes. Any builder can construct this type of home if enough homeowner money is thrown at solar panel installation. Prescott Green Builders, however, constructs a zero-net energy home the smart, cost-efficient way … that is to first construct the home to be as tight and energy efficient as possible so that the size of the expensive solar panel array is minimized. Then project the home energy use with industry-accepted models and design the power-generating photovoltaic array to balance the energy usage.

How can this high level of energy efficiency achieved without sacrificing lifestyle?… here are the primary factors:

Interested in more information on constructing Zero Net Energy Homes?? ... select this link for "Seven Important Steps to a Successful ZEH"

Prescott Green Builders is one of the few builders in the Prescott area who have constructed a certified zero-net energy home. In November 2011, the MeadowRidge House was completed with a -1 HERS Index... less than Zero-Net Energy! This case-history summary provides an overview of the features included in this project.

NEW …Introducing PGB “Tiny Home” Construction

Prescott Green Builders has been monitoring a growing trend of what has come to be known as “tiny homes” (compact, utilitarian homes) and is now introducing this home style to people wanting to have a new home built in the Prescott area.

What is a Tiny Home? PGB’s concept for this type of home is one where there are reduced room sizes, few if any hallways, functional kitchen and bathroom spaces, a cozy common area, and compact outdoor patios. The construction details, however, include those that are typically included in larger high-performance homes. Although designs may vary, a Tiny Home can be best described as follows:

  • 1200 square feet (or less) of conditioned space (with or without an attached garage or carport)
  • Attractive designs and floorplans appropriate for the client’s lifestyle (link to example floorplan and elevations)
  • Site built (using conventional wood framing or a selection of alternative materials) in conformance with local building codes
  • Exceptional resource efficiency (electricity and water) through green-building features included in larger custom homes

Who should consider having a Tiny Home?

  • First-time home buyers or move-up home buyers who have green-building ideals and want to limit their home footprint
  • Home buyers who want a high-quality second home (i.e., as a getaway or spring/summer/fall part-time residence) in the Prescott area but do not need a full-size home
  • Retirees looking to permanently relocate to a quality home in the Prescott area but no longer need a full-size home

What are the advantages of a Tiny Home? There are numerous advantages in having a PGB-built Tiny Home when compared to a larger home:

  • Easier to obtain bank financing for site built homes
  • Lower construction costs
  • Shorter build times
  • Suited for building on small lots
  • Lower property taxes
  • Lower operating costs for utilities
  • Lower on-going maintenance costs

    If a Tiny Home fits your needs for a new home in the Prescott area, please contact Kurt Holmes at Prescott Green Builders to further discuss the possibilities

    "Hybrid" Homes

    For homeowners who have the time and skills to perform or manage interior finish work, Prescott Green Builders has constructed several homes as "hybrids" i.e., completing the home construction up through the trim stage where the homeowner then takes over. At that point, homeowners still have access to Prescott Green Builders knowledge, but on a consulting basis.

    Additional New Home Services

    • Homeowners Manual

      At the request of the homeowner and upon completion of the home, Forest Holmes provides the homeowner with a manual to assist in the on-going operation and maintenance of the home’s systems, contact names and numbers, and warranty information. The manual also documents the high-performance elements in the home so that if the home should go up for re-sale, it can be contrasted to a standard home and appraised accordingly.

    • Photo Documentation

      Prescott Green Builders is proud of the homes they build… so the homeowner’s can also show off their high-performance home to others. At the request of the homeowner Prescott Green Builders will provide a DVD to photo-document the construction progress and high-performance elements “behind the drywall” that make the home unique.

    • Home Performance Certifications

      Official certifications which document home performance (e.g., Energy Star, LEED for Homes, Builder’s Challenge) will be included in the homeowner’s manual as evidence that the home has achieved an exceptional level of performance.

    The Project Gallery tab includes several photo galleries illustrating the caliber of new homes constructed by Prescott Green Builders.

    Existing Homes:
    Remodeling, Additions, and
    Interior & Exterior Improvements

    Prescott Green Builders is skilled at working within the framework of existing homes to suit the varied needs of our clients. These existing-home construction skills include:

    Whole House Remodeling

    An older home in a great Prescott location may be a candidate for a whole-house remodel … adding rooms, replacing roofing materials, updating (or adding) bathrooms and kitchens, or replacing windows and siding will make the old home look and feel like new. Prescott Green Builders has performed house “makeovers” where the newly remodeled house has very little resemblance to the old house … an example of a makeover is included our Project Gallery.

    Room Additions & Garages

    Expanding a home to meet changing family needs can be a very economical option when compared to moving or constructing a new home. Room additions or garages (free-standing or attached) are constructed by Prescott Green Builders to look as if they were a part of the original structure. The Project Gallery includes several examples of room addition projects completed by Prescott Green Builders.

    Kitchen & Bathroom Updates

    An updated kitchen or bathroom can give an existing home a whole new exciting feel for the homeowner. Kitchens improvements constructed by Prescott Green Builders can include floor-area expansion, new cabinetry, new countertops, relocated plumbing and new sinks, or replacement flooring materials. Similarly, bathrooms can be updated with bath to shower conversions, new tile, and water-conserving fixtures. The Project Gallery includes several examples of bathroom and kitchen update projects.

    Replacement of Dated or Damaged Siding

    Home exterior siding is exposed to extremes in the Arizona climate and can become faded or damaged over time. Prescott Green Builders can remove your old or damaged siding and replace it, for example, with new pre-colored, cementititious siding which needs no painting, is very durable, are requires very limited on-going maintenance by the homeowner.

    Window Replacements

    Windows in older homes can be a significant source with heat loss and heat gain in a home, thereby causing temperatures to be uncomfortable and high energy bills. In addition, older windows allow the unrestrained passage of ultraviolet sunlight which damages and fades furniture or carpet. Prescott Green Builders can replace old, single pane windows with dual pane, low E windows that will lower your home energy bill and leave you feeling more comfortable. Plus, window replacements may qualify for rebates under federal incentive programs… Prescott Green Builders will assist you in securing these rebates!

    New or Replacement Patios, Decks, Pergolas

    Prescott Green Builders can enhance your outdoor living environment with a new deck or patio. In new or replacement decks, our skilled crews use construction materials and techniques that prolong the life of the deck and limit the homeowner’s ongoing maintenance efforts. The decks are completed with secure railing systems such as that shown in the Project Gallery.

    Prescott Green Builders practices “Re-green” principles i.e., constructing green remodels that are attractive, environmentally sensitive, healthier places to live, are better for the environment, and cost less to operate.

    Historic Restorations

    Since Prescott has a well-established section of homes which have historical significance, Prescott Green Builders also offers restoration services which are consistent with preservation committee guidelines. For an photo example of a Prescott Green Builders project which is on the Historic Register, look under the Project Gallery tab (Gallery #4) or view the feature article in the Oct/Nov 2012 issue of Prescott Woman Magazine


    Prescott Green Builders management personnel and associates have unique expertise and training in many aspects building science, green building, and the construction of high-performance homes. As a consulting basis, the following Prescott Green Builders services are available:

    • Plan Reviews

      we will assess your home construction plans and provide recommendations for improvements that will result in a home that is more energy efficient, resource efficient, durable, and has better indoor air quality.

    • Rebate and Tax Credit Assistance

      Prescott Green Builders will coordinate and assist you in maximizing your energy efficiency tax credits and utility company rebates on your new home or remodeling project.

    • Home Performance Assessments

      Prescott Green Builders will coordinate and manage 3rd party services to assess where improvements can be made in the energy efficiency of an existing home. These assessments could include tests such as blower door (to assess air infiltration) or duct blaster (assess duct leakage) tests and infrared camera to detect air movement behind walls.

    • Selecting / Qualifying a Home for a Performance Certification Program

      Prescott Green Builders consulting services are available to assist you in managing home construction activities and inspections that lead to qualification in one of several national programs (e.g., Environments for Living Certified Green, LEED for Homes, NAHB Green Building Guidelines, EPA Energy Star, and DOE Builders Challenge. Our consulting starts with selecting a program and managing the construction process that leads to a certification.